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фотография Traffic

Название :

Medicated Goo

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   progressive rock   rock   psychedelic rock   psychedelic

Видео: Traffic -  Medicated Goo  

Pretty Polly Possum what`s wrong with you?

Your body`s kind a weak

and you think there`s nothing we can do

Good Golly Polly shame on you

Cause Molly made a stew that`ll make a newer girl out of you

So follow me, its good for you

That good old fashioned Medicated Goo

Ooo, aint` it good for you?

My own homegrown recipe`ll see you thru

Freaky Freddy Frolic had some, I know

He was last seem picking green flowers in a field of snow

Get ready Freddy, they`re sure to grow

Mother nature just blew it

and there`s nothing really to it I know

Aunty Franny Prickett and Uncle Lou

They made some Goo

Now they really sock it to their friends

Frantic friends and neighbors charge the door

They caught a little whiff

Now they`re digging it and seeking more
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