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фотография NUM SKULL

Название :

Ritually Abuse

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    thrash metal   death metal   death-thrash metal   old school thrash metal   brutal thrash metal

Видео: NUM SKULL - Ritually Abuse  

Текст песни NUM SKULL - Ritually Abuse

Satan, He lives today in children who's minds decayTheir elders have lost their wayFrom Jesus to Baphomet, and worlds of UnholyAre used to alter their brainsThey're teaching them worship of evilNot heavens in the sky( )
So wake up and see today some children have no escapeOr freedom, or hope to prayThey're banished from the normal playActions of their elders are focused on unfocused waysThey're learning ato live out their lifeIn sick mollific waysSaddened priest of white religious worshipFall to their knees in disbeliefShattered hopes ot one essential worshipThe lord almighty "Jesus Christ"Time will pass though both religious lastThe books of both will flood the earthFuture or past, existence of Black MassHas threatened the meaning of our birthWeak little children six years into lifeAre forced to betray the blessed crossCaressing the Dead and tasting the bloodTormented and ritually abused, so it is doneThe words of the priestThe rings of the bell pollute the air

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