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фотография NUM SKULL

Название :

Death And Innocence

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    thrash metal   death metal   death-thrash metal   old school thrash metal   brutal thrash metal

Видео: NUM SKULL - Death And Innocence  

Текст песни NUM SKULL - Death And Innocence

Act I:Executed for something that you've never doneYour life has barely even just begunYou swear every last one would payYou promise to return from the GraveAs a man of religion you will dieBut the promise of God is lies( )
Your faith was given all in vainHope - mere illusion in your brainFree from grace of Holy RestAbsolute nocturnal deathSoon lie in the grave awaiting those to be repaidThe trial - how long you have waited for this dayGuilt is what you hope they won't sayBut luck forgot your name this day!Sent to DeathDieNo delayNow in your grave you rot, deep inside your cemetary plotYour epitaph spells out lies, as a friend looks down and criesBreak the brace of certain death, return from youreternal restStrike out from your very grace, soon they all will be repaidAs you rot awaiting your great transitionPatience is a virtue in this plightHell's price for rebirth and reprisalLong awaitedMany Full Moon nightsAct II:Now the time has ended, your corpse has fallen to dustYour Blessed Death the jury's invitationFor you're falsified unjustNow you'll gain the satisfaction of your unrelenting thirstBut the Hell that's expected now a violence getting worseAct III:My soul is reborn with hatred and scornFor vengeance of death and not prisonBeware of my toll I'll torture your soulFrom the Black of Hell I have risenThe jurors die in cold blood in their bed

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