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фотография Thought Riot

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    punk   punk rock   melodic hardcore   hardcore   hardcore punk

Видео: Thought Riot -  Glenview  

Upon those timeless seas,
In yesterday`s surmounting grasp,
Like ivory cards we witnessed the fall of many years,
The moments I recall.
Tinder fresh for combustion!
We lit ourselves to dance in the flames!

Now at the threshold of today,
Drink in the songs and sandbox dreams.
Here time and space no longer reign supreme
And I sink, into the depths of yester eve,
Where we bonded `till this very day.

And now we`ve suffered all the years;
Travelled separate paths, with future goals unclear
So far from where we thought we`d be.
But we carried on the torch,
Dripping molten rays of promises scorched
A renaissance of sorts!

We held out hands to cherish the burn!
All those years seem so short, in the passing span of my life,

And this is nothing remotely new,
Just an epiphany of youth
But I couldn`t have asked for better friends than you:
I couldn`t, I couldn`t!

I`ll burn myself tonight, on memories of life
And I`ll meet you there, I`ll meet you there
I couldn`t, I couldn`t!

Upon those timeless seas,
In yesterday`s surmounting grasp...
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