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фотография Thought Riot

Название :

Not Our Property

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    punk   punk rock   melodic hardcore   hardcore   hardcore punk

Видео: Thought Riot -  Not Our Property  

Pain is pain.

We designate our higher rank, then subjugate those of a "lesser" state.
We construct the definitions to reinforce our dominant positions
and now that we`ve established us and them, we feel a peace of mind.
Similarities? Coincidence, dismissed; all doubts are set aside.

But don`t look in the mirror
you may not like what you find
�cause when the doubts return you`ll see
that being human doesn`t mean we have the right
to do whatever the fuck we please.

Is it lack of compassion, or a love of control?
Dare I speculate? Do I want to know?
I renounce that mindset;
I offer my respect to the non-human animals I share this earth with.

Their existence is not defined by our status in comparison.
They`re so much more than biological instruments.

Pain is pain across the board.
Your rationalizations hold no more.
Superior to what!?
So as long as you maintain your present course,
that train of thought let me tell you that…
I`ll live my life resisting as long as you keep riding that train of thought.
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