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фотография Twenty 4 Seven

Название :

Breakin` Up

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    dance   eurodance   90s   house   dutch

Видео: Twenty 4 Seven -  Breakin` Up  

Breakin` up is so hard to do,
To bye a love that you knew.
To walk away with a broken heart again,
Is sometimes hard to understand.
But what can you do, that`s the way it is,
Try to hold on cause even this
Is a way to make you know,
A way to know.

Love, what a funny thing,
It can bring you up and down and sing.
Make you feel like a clown in the rain,
Just play the rules of the game.
Sometimes you win, but you can also loose,
That`s the nature of what you choose.
So now you`re breakin` up,
But don`t stop, don`t stop.

Make up your mind and start again,
I`m sure you`ll find a new boyfriend.
Find a plan and then do it right,
Don`t decide after overnight.
Everybody has a time of life now to break-up,
Just remember always to make up.
Come back to what you know,
Go, go !
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