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фотография Twenty 4 Seven

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    dance   eurodance   90s   house   dutch

Видео: Twenty 4 Seven -  Runaway  

Can you tell me where you go if you know it,
Is it a oneway street, then show it.
You`re not happy and you`re not satisfied,
Not comfortable, you`re uptight.
Do you wanna go left, do you wanna go right,
What`s the best way to win this fight.
Only one satisfaction,
A runaway-train in action.

Stop, look and listen, will you,
I`ve got something right here for you,
Take the tools and play the game,
Make the rules and no shame.
The situation is a hardcore-scene,
So don`t underestimate.
Believe me cause I know what you mean,
Take a break to see what you create.

Do no fear, call my name and I will be here,
Just open up and see clear,
It`s just a way to say
My name is X and I`m a runaway.
No time to think what you`re looking for,
Here it is but you still want more.
So now you take a hike,
You don`t deal with a thing that you don`t like.

Give it up, take it up,
make the best of life and just don`t stop.
An easy way without traces,
yeah, I see it in their faces.
Tell me all on your mind,
don`t leave a small thing behind.
Still wanna know how to get away,
and make it done in the best way.

Runaway, runaway, runaway,
just make my day,
do you know what you`re proving, proving.
Runaway, runaway,
just make my day,
think about what you`re moving, moving.

Where you gonna stay,
When you run away, when you run away?
What you gonna say,
About the way you play, when you run away.
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