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фотография Twenty 4 Seven

Название :

I Wanna Show You

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    dance   eurodance   90s   house   dutch

Видео: Twenty 4 Seven -  I Wanna Show You  

Maybe you think it`s just a game,
But I swear it`s not the same.
Cause there`s so much more inside my heart for you.

And you are the only one,
Why my life has just began.
I wanna sing this song for you,
Just to let you know.

I wanna show you what I feel inside,
Becuase the feeling is good and oh the
Feeling is right.
It is the only way to tell you the truth,
The only way to do the thing that I could.
Some people say that everything is illusion,
Like a belly of dreams that is filled with confusion.
But we have flesh and blood and all the things we do,
is a gift of life and it`s all for you.

Take my hand and close your eyes,
No I`ll never tell you lies.
Can you feel the warmth of love from me to you.

And I`m gonna take you there,
Take you there where you can share,
Everything that music has.
Are you ready to go?

Let me take you all the way,
Because nobody knows long we`re onna stay.
It is an honour to us to make you feel good,
And the respect we have, I hope it`s understood.
Let the light shine on everyone,
I think it is the right time for you to come.
Come together as one and never ever go,
Cause this one`s for you, I think by now you know.

I, I wanna show you how I feel,
Because my love for you is real.
I wanna show you how I feel,
Oh yeah.

And if you know just how I feel,
Then you would know that I`m not steel.
I wanna show you how I feel
Oh yeah.

All and all we wanna do is having fun,
Take away the stress and all the pain.
Be yourself and don`t feel shame.
And listen to the words we sing for you,
It is the magic of a special song.
Something sweet just can`t be wrong.
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