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фотография Twenty 4 Seven

Название :

Keep On Trying

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    dance   eurodance   90s   house   dutch

Видео: Twenty 4 Seven -  Keep On Trying  

Move !
Because you can`t keep waiting,
The time has come for creating.
You`ve got a dream, so you better start working,
And I mean that you gotta stop jurkin`.
Take a chance right now that you can,
Try to build up a masterplan.
No insurance and no gurantee,
But there`s more than wait and see.
Hey baby, take it baby,
Up to you if you wanna go crazy.
It`s a waste of time to keep waiting,
Cause if you wake up, time is mating.
Get it on, get it goin` on,
But you gotta be tough, you gotta be strong.
Better learn before you start flying,
Keep on, keep on tryin`

I know it`s hard to stick with it,
To hold on to a thing that`s critic.
You never know if you`re doing the right thing,
You never know what the year`s gonna bring.
What you gonna do, what you gonna do,
Keeping the faith might be something for you.
Trust in yourself and you`ll get there,
Or you`ll end up nowhere.

One! Take the time to know yourself,
When you`re down and out it might help.
Two! It`s only up to you,
Let yourself go and do what you wanna do.
Try on and never let go,
Play your own role in your very own show.
You`re not wrong when you`re playing it smart,
Do it from your heart.

Keep on tryin`
When you try and believe,
may be than you will be,
what you wanted to be.
Keep on tryin`,
with your heart and your soul,
there is only one way
to get you goal.
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