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фотография Traffic

Название :

Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   progressive rock   rock   psychedelic rock   psychedelic

Видео: Traffic -  Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory  

You rise upon a black day, coming from a mile away

And every time I hear you say, that I don`t have to be this way

You sneak upon a mean moon, that casts it`s shadow too soon

When the spell is in tune, your shadow slips away

Good man gets the good wife, while bad boy`s cleaning up his knife

And all I got is trouble and strife to help me on my way

You`re running round to nowhere, someone said it might be there

But I`m telling you beware, the hand that fights you`ll feed

Investigating downtown, Sergeant Gruesome got shot down

National Guard came all around, but couldn`t find his knees

Mickey Mouse was all put out, Donald Duck began to shout

Rumors that were put about, said they would get theirs next
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