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фотография NUM SKULL

Название :

Off With Your Head

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    thrash metal   death metal   death-thrash metal   old school thrash metal   brutal thrash metal

Видео: NUM SKULL - Off With Your Head  

Текст песни NUM SKULL - Off With Your Head

After the victim's final plea, from the scene you will fleeThen you wait until the night, keep yourself out of sightHiding out in the trees, cold sweat as you freezeFrench come hunt you down, await the trial back in townOff with your head!( )
Soon you'll be dead!Bloody and red!Corporation Pull-inEvidence piles high, jury looks you in the eyePrimitive society, convicts you - you're guiltyFrom your window you will see where your figure is to beYou can't sleep, you can't eat 'cause you know that you'redead meatTime has come, you will die - see the fear in your eyesDrop the blade, hear the chop - now your life and all will stopOff with your head!Now you are dead!The blood is so red!

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