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фотография NUM SKULL

Название :

Pirate's Night

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    thrash metal   death metal   death-thrash metal   old school thrash metal   brutal thrash metal

Видео: NUM SKULL - Pirate's Night  

Текст песни NUM SKULL - Pirate's Night

annon balls are waiting - heavy, hard, and blackWaiting for the time, in which we will attackJolly Roger is flying high, seeks you like a scoutTreasure, death, and piracy is what we're all aboutWe climb abroad your ship to penetrate your neck( )
To leave you in the blood spilled across the deckAnd if we let you live you'll have to walk the plankYou know you can't survive this homicidial prankWith vultures above and serpents belowOut on the high seas there is no place to goIt's Pirate's Night, Pirate's NightThey're out to kill, they set sail tonightWe'll sail up the coast to rip a little moreAnd leave behind the helpless shipsTo coat the ocean's floorBlackbird and Captain HookA few that keep the faith!

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