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фотография Nine

Название :

Fo `Eva Blunted

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  Fo `Eva Blunted  

There`s death in the air, my eyes are bloodshot red.
I`m forever blunted so I don`t care.
Word to my nappy black hair, it`s the year of the leader,
a follower`s a dummy, he`ll die alone with no fuckin` money;
All alone in his crib lookin` out the WINDOW, while the WIND BLOW,
playin` NINTENDO.
Jackin` off, shit like that`s not happenin`,
hands are clappin, toes are tappin`, niggas is rappin`!
(Who the fuck are you?) Yo, I`m the Nine. Forever blunted, always hunted,
in my prime.
My skills have grown like a fungus to make Gs in the Hundreds,
as the tongue gets WICKED, I KICK IT.
On the Ave, with my niggas, passin` C-notes,
guzzlin` 40s wrapped in brown paper bags; loadin` up mags, 5-0 patrols,
I`m still BLUNTED, still hunted, still don`t know what the fuck he wanted.
Jumped out the blue-and-white with that bullshit stick in his grip tight,
I ain`t in the mood tonight.
Forever stressin`, make a nigga want to pull his Smith-N-Wesson...
(Redrum!) No question.
That shit be makin` your screws loose and like an old shopping cart,
we ain`t tin men, niggas got heart!
Like my nigga Noble and my nigga Troy,
strong, real brothers with balls get 9-1-1 calls.
We bum rushin` all snakes and devils no matter their color,
we`re the next generation of rebels.
Hard-headed, undisciplined and ruthless, you`ll wind up toothless,
the wanted, forever blunted...

[Banging on door, phone ringing]
(Damn, man, who the fuck was that, man? Niggas is bangin` on the door, fuckin`
game is on, fuckin` kid is cryin. I`m stressed, man, damn! I need a blunt

Check the flav, don`t misbehave.
On my block, you`ll get shot when you see the infrared dot,
and hear the glock pop, you`ll drop like rain in mad pain,
when a nigga got nothin` to lose, a nigga goes insane.
Mad heads on the ave SCRAMBLIN`, some GAMBLIN`,
as I see it, shit beats panhandlin`:
a quarter here, a quarter there, see I told you that`s why we murder,
ya either fight for your right or you`re fucked like Bertha.
It`s SILLY, here comes the sequel:
you can get drunk as a skunk, but weed`s illegal.
I`m forever blunted anyway, I don`t give a fuck what Uncle Sam say,
okay, let`s parlay.
Ease on down the project block and make some noise,
wake up the neighborhood pumpin` beats, IT`S ALL GOOD.
Spark a blizz-nut, lamp on the project bench, here comes 5-0 again,
Fuckin` up a nigga`s fun is always ILLIN`,
step the fuck off, Flat Foot, we CHILLIN`.
You don`t live here anyway, take your ass back to Scarsdale,
before I hit you with this garbage pail.
Mad stress...thank God for the buddha bless, now it`s off my chest.
Until tomorrow, it`ll happen again, I`ll still be hunted, I`ll still be wanted,
so I`m Fo `Eva Blunted...
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