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фотография Nine

Название :

Ahh Shit

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  Ahh Shit  

* lighter flicked * * herbals inhaled *
* some coughing * * speaking through weed *
Ahh man, this shit is ill
Ahh this shit is butter right here kid
This that old flav kid

I enter the room with the bang and the boom
and the tune where heat fumes, hot like June
I represent the Bronx to the fullest, New York is the essence
I`ve been writin rhymes since my adolescence
Hip-Hop gives me love and I give it right back
If your shit is wack I must attack
Send lead to your head oh what a bloody mess it`s gon` be
That`s the flav, when a rapper tries to step to an MC
My skills are grown like a dreadlock
I got mad intelligence, so it just won`t STOP!
You could never in your life slice a brick with a butterknife
You`re livin trife, that`s aight, my crew loves to fight
Bring the noise, and watch me turn down the volume
like chicka-pow, buck buck buck, chicka-BOOM!
Not the one to step to, not the one to test
It`ll be a bloody mess

Chorus: Nine {sing-song, with his crew}

Yo that`s that AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh shit, shit!
C`mon, c`mon! [AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
Yo that`s that AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh shit, shit!
C`mon, c`mon! [AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]

I get mad when niggaz try to play me like I`m stupid
I start shootin like a revolution, or Cupid
I don`t miss, infrared type thing goin on
I drop a bomb like Hiroshima with my nina
then move my razor blade like a crossfade on your jawline
Understand, Nine is Optimus Prime
Follow the leader with the speed of, a cheetar
You want a fair one nigga? Put up your dick beater
Your hands are flesh and bone, my hands are flesh bone
Everybody bleeds, but some fear vocal tones
The devil didn`t make me do it, YOU made me do it
You`re spreadin rumors like a bitch
so I cut off your switch
Left you bleedin, and needin
medical attention with a hole in your head, I forgot to mention
I react like a rattlesnake when under stress
It`ll be a FUCKIN mess


Who`s the soul survivor, who gets liver than the
numba won contender, Nine that`s me, real MC from the Boogie Down B
Underrated suckers hated the fact that I woke up like King Tut
Recognize that you`re BUTT!
Cut the crap, my rap as old as dirt, you get hurt
I fill in blanks like piranhas in goldfish tanks
Niggaz is walkin the plank off the Empire State Building
I broadcast, quick fast, to fuck that ass!
Leave you brainless when I pull out the stainless steel
Word life son, ahh, shit is real..

[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!] *music starts to fade*
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
[AHHH-ahhh-AHHH-ahh SHIT, SHIT!]
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