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фотография Nine

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  Famaldahyde  

Merry fucking Christmas, don`t diss this lyracist on pissed
Get a fist to your esophogus
Hook you like fish, throw you in a dish
Blow you up like a cyst, drop you in the abyss
Blast you like Kris (What`s this?)
Another wannabe and never gonna be, you ain`t N-I-N-E
That`s me, original lyrical spiritual omen
The one and only incredible MC
When you drop a D on the two three I be
Smoking life like L`s, raising hell
Ringing bells like principals, planning invicible syllables
Lyrical, yes I am, spit shit like a grit, foul like ham
Damn, who the man, you the man, I`m the man
With 50 grand in his motherfucking hand
Live like Onyx, butter like Redman, the blue bonnet
Puff chronic, with strictly platonic friends
In a Benz, chickenhead hens ready to bend
Cause I got a 100,000 tens
Who packs the choice, who puffs the lye?
Who fucks it up? Who makes your girlfriend cry "ahhh"
N-I-N-E, M-E to a crew, what you gonna do?

"I am truthful to the following: N-word, MD
When I speak, I say only that which is true indeed."

Silly-ass niggas don`t hit me (beyatch)
When I came out the pussy, I brought the whole stomach with me
N-I-N-E the live smoker
Wrap it around your neck like a diamond gold choker
Like Yoda, with force of course the poison Christ
Nigga violent, see the brown paper bag, he silent
I`m wild like Boba Fett, I`m semi-automatic
Cruise around with El Diablo, crazy hispanic
Wu-Tang, Tang, I`me the one that slept all night with your honeybun
Pull my gun when necessary, situation hairy
I`ll flip the redrum, you bloody mary
When I was born, came feet first
It ain`t hard to tell, born to make the pussies hurt
Pussy make the world go round
In circles, I`m walking on niggas like Herschel

How many MC`s must get shot?
Nine will open you up like a new weed spot
Hip-hop runs through me like blood, your name is still mud
I`m still paid like Elmer J Fudd
With the mansion, yaught, new glock, the remote control boom box
The pocket that blew up like rockets
All sucker MC`s I`m daring `em
Nine will hang your clothes up while you`re still wearing them
N-I-N-E I wreck shit
That`s E-N-I-N just in case you`re dyslexic, did you check it?
Stupid ass, you ain`t fly
Half-man, half-woman, what`s your name, Jasmine Guy?
I got mad chrome
Fuck standing next to you, niggas won`t talk to you on the phone
No life so act trife, I`m hype I`m hype
I`ll beat your ass like Lionel Richie`s wife at night
I rip stages in many different cities
Don`t step up, I squeeze triggers like titties
Who`s naughty, who`s nice? With the device
I`m so cheap with loot, I use my fucking bullet twice
I fill you with infection, there`s no protection
Of the injection into your C-section
Plead nigga, plead nigga, plead nigga
Before you die, PASS THAT WEED NIGGA!
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