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фотография Nine

Название :

4 Chicken Wings and Rice

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  4 Chicken Wings and Rice  

Verse one:

Word life
Every day
every single day
Same old thing nah mean
Just anther struggle trying to put food in your stomach
keep a roof over your head
That`s what it`s all about (word up)

Get up in the morning and I take a bath
Count my cash and
Wash my ass and
Think about the days when I was broke
No joke
Lighting up cigarate butts just to get a toke
Starving Marvin I need a meal
Putting salt and pepper on a banana peel
Use to put the s on skittles from 9 to 5
Do whatever I got to do to stay alive
30 cents away from a quater
Going to the store for a forty of water
Hungrier than jack
Dreaming of a big mac
Two all beef patties speacial sauce and all that
But I can rap
I`m going get mines and blow up fat
but the landlord don`t want to here that
I`m 9 double m i`m going to be a star
He said pay your rent I don`t care who you are
Disghusted and busted
Couldn`t be trusted
Forget the hotdog all I had was the mustard
So much pain
So many tears
So many years
My pockets had rabbit ears
But now i`m paid
I got money to burn
You had your turn
Now it`s my turn
To make mad ends
To spend with my friends
And to cruise in the Benz with the hens
Now I can eat lobster
3 times a day and not care about the price
But I remember the 4 Chicken wings and rice

how u snacking on 4 chicken rings see
how u snacking on 4 chicken rings 2X

verse two:

I want to stuff my pockets like a turkey
And hope that the record company don`t jerk me
And work me like a prostitue
And keep my loot
Use and abuse me and make me want to shoot
I`m in it for the cash and the love not the fame
And I want proper reprenstation of my name
Checks on time
Royalties in affect
Don`t bullshit me when it`s time to collect
Life is a bitch and then u die
So I strive to stay alive and stay high
Sang a sad song
Now I sing redrum
So let the whole world know
All work and no play makes jack rich
I figured it out with that what you want shit
My pockets got hit
No more 4 chicken wings
Strickly rings and things the pussy that brings
Kings on the thrones
Blessing microphones
Living in the castle dark mask got my back so
I know everything going to be alright
No more 4 chicken wings and rice alright

(chorus 4x)
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