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фотография Nine

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  Uncivilized  

Who cut ya?
Save the theatrics for the mattress.
Nine bring it raw dog style with no practice.
I mack this microphone like a hoe on the stroll.
In total control of the soul.
Any asshole can pull a gun the streets are full of fools
I met smarter younger brothers in jails than in schools.
Runnin his story about his glory, it bore me.
And his territory, it don`t do nothin for me.
So fuck him and the horse that he`s ridin
I`m barely survivin, losin my breath
Cause I`m drownin in sorrow.
I seen a lot of pain with these two eyes of mine.
That`s why I write the rhymes that borderline on crime.
I gotta make somethin or I gotta take somethin.
Can`t beat that...
Fuck Versace and Rolex, I can`t eat that.
I need that green it seems to reign supreme.
By any means, pens and papers on triple beams.
Get rich schemes blow up in your face
None taste worse that a plan gone sour
Your power slippin thru your fingers like dimes and nickels.
We go pistols
U know where to shoot at, wherever the loot at.
I don`t break the law the law breaks me.
I aint sittin around waitin for the devil to come and take me.
Don`t shoot until u see the whites of they eyes
Anything less would be uncivilized

Chorus (x2)

You know... in a world full of lies and alibies
Some men die for a piece of the pie
It`s Uncivilized
So I strive to survive and keep my eyes on the prize
(So I try to stay hi stayin high of the lie (2))
Anything else is uncivilized
(It`s keepin me from actin uncivilized (2))

I break the rules on my quest for the 12 jewels
Believe in Delf` bring stacks and green packs
Need hats for Jacks, camoflauge
At least 2 gatts for when skies are grey
Any day above ground is a good day, I`d say
The way kids play nowadays, no hands
They spray round my way
I`m feelin like Ja Day and I`m runnin outta sad songs
You fake, one mistake could leave u dead wrong
Roll with the king, whoever that is
See him in the corner of my eye
But he dissappears like cigarette smoke
In a cloud, then the rain comes, then the pain comes
X marks the spot, graffitti marks the slums
The chosen ones communicate with mathematics
The new tactics set me free from all the dramatics.
Keep it in my attic, that`s where my brains at
Keep it in the closet, yeah but keep it black
Back up from the ropes if u can`t float between notes
Ane memorize them quotes that I toke from Buddha smoke
Hope ya brought your dictionary with ya
Cause if u get the words, then u get the picture
I hit ya because I love ya
You`re my people and I put noone above ya
But if you`re foul I bust ya
It`s time to be totally disrespectful to Saint Ives
Part of the reason we`re all uncivilized.

Chorus (x2)
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