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фотография Nine

Название :

No Part a Me

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  No Part a Me  

"Step right up.." (look around, look around, look around..)
"Boys and girls" (*repeats*)
"Ladies and gentlemen.." (look around, look around, look around..)
"Step right up.."
"Boys and girls" (*repeats*)
"Ladies and gentlemen.."

I remove rappers out the frame like pictures
Got more lyrics, than scriptures
The irrational tormentor, terrorizin pretenders
Knockin out gold fronts and dentures
I enter, the chamber with a candle, harass and dismantle
I`m too hot to handle - grab ya mitten
So let it be written, let it be done
We got a whole ton of choke to smoke before I go broke
So toke, I hope you understand
You`re lyrically handicapped
I`m strapped, ready for combat, and all that
Whatcha sayin mean faces resemble wrecked cars
So unwrinkle your mug and relax God
My heart pumps no juices, intimidation is useless
Excuses excuses you ain`t really ruthless
I`ll tap your shorty, out of this world
Leave her frizzy, cause I knock the juice off the curl, what?

"Step right up.." (look around, look around, look around..)
"Boys and girls" (*repeats*)
"Ladies and gentlemen.."

You want no part of me, not even a fragment
Left the replacement laced in the basement
It ain`t hardly that easy to spark me, don`t start me
Believe me, you don`t want no part of me

Grey skies for you sonny, ass-out
Baby with the runs, and you with no Pamper money
Protect ya body, Wu already got ya neck
Nine`ll leave ya leakin like pipes in the projects
You get jiggy but you don`t compare
I`m out of the question like a crackhead, workin for daycare
I remix you then pause
Pussies like you end up on all fours with no drawers
I came through the doors in 1994 like never before
In ninety-five I went on tour, while you slept on the floor
Reality my style is legit
And if you can`t hit you need to sit or quit and don`t say shit
Amateur night, I`m a all-year pro, you sleepin
Get off the NoDoz and buy some new effin clothes - you don`t want it

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Say somethin.. knew it!
Not enough of the main fluid, sound good when you say it
and look stupid when you try to do it - I`m nuttin to fool wit
Who you went to school with, "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?"
Wouldn`t waste a bullet on you, I can dead you with a mean stare
You too easy to scare, and I don`t care
Whatcha say just mess around and try it
Get hit up with a hundred silencers cause I bring the Quiet Riot
Put your money where your mouth is and I`ll buy it
Twist your tongue up so fuckin bad, you won`t be able to untie it
Stay out of my circumfrence when I`m mic checkin
I ain`t sayin you lose nigga - I`m sayin you comin in second..

[Chorus] - repeat 2X
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