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фотография Faithless

Название :

Insomnia (Club Edit)

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    electronic   dance   trip-hop   house   electronica

Видео: Faithless -  Insomnia (Club Edit)  

deep in the bosoom of the gentle night
is when i source with a light
pick up my pen and start to right
i struggle that fight dark forces in the clear moonlight,
without fear.... insomnia
i can`t get no sleep

i used to worry, thought i was going mad in a hurry gettin` stressed
makin excess mess in darkness
no electricity, something`s all over me, greasy
insomnia please release me,
and let me dream of making mad love to my girl on the heath
tearing off thights with my teeths,
but there`s no release, no peace,
i toss and turn without cease,
like a curse, open my eyes and rise like yeast,
at least, a couple of weeks,
since i lost that cat taken sleep
but now i keep myself pet,
deeper still, the night,
i write by candle light,
i find insight, fundamental movement, huh
so when it`s black, this insomnia,
takin` no rigid, no tact,
keep the beast in my nature under ceaseless attack,
i gets no sleep.....
i can`t get no sleep..
i can`t get no sleep,
i can`t get no sleep,
i need to sleep, i can`t get no sleep (bis)
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