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фотография Faithless

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    electronic   dance   trip-hop   house   electronica

Видео: Faithless -  Reverence  

Watch me ride...
Take the words and the bass,
Taste, and then swallow me,
You`re chasing the devil
Cos you`re level if you follow me
For quality, and I make no apology
For linking my thinking with computer technology.
Cos this is like a modern day hymn
For the new church,
I search for the truth,
I`ve got a hole in my tooth,
I`m uncouth, yes sir,
I`m from the street university
Where we learn to earn even in times of adversity.
And I will find it a easy when you`re out a hard time,
Petite crime sometimes,
But now I`m inclined to find
A fresh direction, kiss me neck,
Check out the funky section.
Cos this is the part where I start to rip up words,
A comfort coming straight from my heart,
I`m not a mystic,
My views are realistic, simplistic,
One special brew I get pissed quick,
And get sick so I don`t do it no more,
I won`t find peace of mind
Rolling around on the floor.
The point I want to make,
The mistake is to take without giving,
From within,
You know how I`m living,
I`m cool, I`m looking after myself,
And I could never place wealth before my spirit,
I feel it`s unhealthy,
The devil creep around you so stealthy, stealthy
`Till you get bold, rush the gold,
And before you`re much older,
You`re soul is sold, where`s it getting ya,
Competition starts swearing ya,
Gold-diggers setting you up,
Soon be forgetting your existence,
Do you need a for instance,
I have to admire your persistence
In sticking to a game plan,
That brings you pain man,
And at the end of the day nothing is gained,
So listen to the voice within,
I`ll see ya later,
Pay heed to the Grand Oral Disseminator.
Quite still you feel there`s nothing going on
until you realize the space behind your
eyes is filling up with something like peace
as your thoughts cease some pleasure grows in your soul.
I aint a Christian
Sometimes I feel like diss`in em
But listen I`m just trying to tell you what I know
if you would once relax, chill to the max
these words on wax will cause sweet bells to ring in your soul.
If I say God is alive I know you`ll want to know why babies die,
food don`t grow. Why?
Trains smash, plans crash,
situation mash and slam bam
your fellow man - money`s in fashion
it aint rational, because dammit, he didn`t just give us the planet
and its wealth, inside your soul he left a piece of himself,
his voice is small
I keep lying and trying,
Denying the call from inside
You can`t hide responsibility
So decide from today just who it`s going to be,
Thou shalt have no other God but me,
So set you free see,
But you`ll have to listen,
And who`s that false idol
I see you kissing?
Money, success and untold wealth, good health
And all you have to do is love yourself.
It`s a fact you`ll attract all the things that you lack,
So just chill
And get off the race track
And take a pace back, face facts,
It`s your decision,
You don`t need eyes to see,
You need vision,
Continue to view the lord as being separated
And you`ll be living a lie that`s being perpetrated,
For many centuries, I`m on a mission I want to mention these facts,
These facts in my rap,
I don`t sing,
But I want to share the peace that they bring,
My name is G.O.D.
The Grand Oral Disseminator.
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