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фотография Faithless

Название :

Salva Mea

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    electronic   dance   trip-hop   house   electronica

Видео: Faithless -  Salva Mea  

How can I change the world if I can`t even change myself?
I cannot change the way I am?
I don`t know, I don`t know.
I take a look at the world behind these eyes,
Every nook, every cranny reorganize,
Realize my face don`t fit the way I feel.
What`s real?
I need a mirror to check my face is in place,
Incase of upheaval, fundamental movement below,
What`s really going on I want to know,
But yo, we don`t show on the outside, so slide.
Just below my skin I`m screaming...
I need a mirror for my spirit,
Yeah, can you feel it?
When I get deep, want to hear myself sleep,
Not drowning, tumbling around and around in the voices
Like a crowd in my head so loud,
I wonder what it`s like to be dead,
I hope it`s quiet, noise in my head like a riot,
Any remedy you have for me I`ll try it.
Just below my skin I`m screaming...
I`m going deep, so deep that I can`t sleep,
The pills ain`t cheep but the bills are steep,
So I [?] with a booze and a spiff,
Try to snooze,
But who`s dreaming, this is win or loose,
Put down the drink, try not to think,
Let it go, fundamental movement below,
And yo, reality is dreaming,
Just below my skin I`m screaming...
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