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фотография Nine

Название :

Make or Take

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hip-hop   metal   swedish   rap

Видео: Nine -  Make or Take  


Man this world we live in

Theres two to ways do everything

The right way and the wrong way,

Thens theres the short way and the long way.

But Im goina do my thing the dark mask way.

Im either goina make it or Im goina take it.


I got to make something or I got to take something

Even if it comes down to hustling in public

Im goina do whatever to avoid the stormy weather

Got my act together either make or take


In the land of the free and the home of the brave

I still feel like a slave, my heart is dark like the bat cave

Dont cry... dry your eye...

We all goina die... but Im goina die fly

In the race the great paper chase

Moneys the only thing Im goina let you throw in my face

Corrupt political officials

Speak the issues, and dis u, like used toliet tissue

Im goina miss u when u fall into the flames its the same games

With new names, and new gains, same pains, and blood stains

Propaganda, I want to smoke trees in a havanna, wearing a bandanna

At the coppa cabanna, swear to God I split a nigga like a banana

Over currencies or property aint no stoppin me

Im building a monopoly now copy me, each one teach one

Lessons of making and taking erasing, faking, and snaking

Serious like a jamaican

And I bring home the bacon daily, really,

I never fake it, I got to make it, like its sacred

Fuck around and Im goina take it

(chorus 2x)


My hand raps around dollar bills sends chills down my spine

Like cheap wine, so I gotta get mine,

All the time I rewind back to the day when I realized sometimes crime

Pays, theres a million ways to die but only one to live,

I need enough money to spend enough

Money to give cause I love my peeps and my peeps love me

And I refuse to see them living in proverty

I gotta be on point, I anoit myself savior with new flavor

Like craig with my third eye I cried

Shed tears in the mind for being blind

Only thing left for me now is crime or ryhme

(chorus 2x)


I refuse to lose simular to chuck

Never bite the hand that feed u never bite the hand that buck (pow)

Now what! stuck in a maze with only one way out

Figure it out thats what lifes about

Trail after trail, tribulation after tribulation

I want a black nation cause Im sick of the plantation

No more picking cotton have you forgotten

We the kings and queens of the earth

Now rome in the rotten apple, drinking snapple

Trying to get a little capital, spend it like Im crazy

Thats what rap will do, you got to maintain

Make sense out of whats insane and stay on top of your game

Dont blame nobody but yourself for your lack of wealth

Times get hard get sneaky like a stealth

Make or take is the thesis

I want pieces of the pie gotta do or die

(chorus 2x)
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